Repoweb is a MAVEN repository manager. Maven is probably one of the most exciting apache project of this year. It works with the concept of a unified binary repository for building java projects. The main goal of RepoWeb is to make simpler the use of that repository.

To achieve this, repoweb offer some functionality :

  • Browse the repository's content
  • Search for specific binary
  • Search for JAR containing specific class
  • Artifact Download
  • Display POM information (if available)
  • POM Management (Build/Edit)
  • Localization : english, french
  • End-user friendly : with the use of CSS from tigris
  • ...


Built by Maven

To run repoweb you will need :

  • JRE : 1.4
  • Web container (Servlet API 2.3 compatible): Tomcat 4.x for exemple


03/01/2005 RepoWeb 1.02 !

After a long pause, RepoWeb 1.02 is finally released today. See page for further details.

28/03/2004 Tools !

A new section containing tools used for RepoWeb development has been made public ( tools ).

28/02/2004 RepoWeb 1.02 is on the way !

Development has reached the half of the iteration. Some codes has been refactored for reuse in other open-source project (xml beautifier, maven plugin for idea).

27/12/2003 RepoWeb 1.01 !

After some refactoring/testing/clean-up, RepoWeb is finally released today. This release contains new features such as: POM update, POM build, POM display, Artefact download

12/12/2003 RepoWeb 1.01 will be released next week !

All stories have been implemented, but RepoWeb is still under testing. You can find the current release on the download page.

03/11/2003 The sourceforge project start !

Go to the change report page for further details.

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